A child’s innocence and joy for life is infectious, especially when you are in the company of a cute 4 year old girl. She was not too keen on having her photo taken at first, but then the beautiful setting and the wonder of being out in nature got to her and this maternity session promptly turned into a hunt for pine cones, playing hide and seek, jumping in mud puddles and stories about Peppa Pig. Followed by hugs and kisses and overall silliness. Perfect. You are going to be an amazing big sis, Amy!

Welsh Family-1

Welsh Family-3

Welsh Family-4

Welsh Family-42Welsh Family-15

Welsh Family-13

Welsh Family-40
Welsh Family-41

Welsh Family-10

Welsh Family-7

Welsh Family-16

Welsh Family-17

Welsh Family-65

Welsh Family-20Welsh Family-19

Welsh Family-26

Welsh Family-27

Welsh Family-28

Welsh Family-29

Welsh Family-5

Welsh Family-25

Welsh Family-21

Welsh Family-22

Welsh Family-23

Welsh Family-38

Welsh Family-30

Welsh Family-31

Welsh Family-32Welsh Family-33

Welsh Family-35

Welsh Family-34

Welsh Family-36

Welsh Family-43

Welsh Family-47

Welsh Family-50

Welsh Family-49

Welsh Family-51

Welsh Family-52

Welsh Family-60

Welsh Family-53

Welsh Family-58Welsh Family-54

Welsh Family-56Welsh Family-57

Welsh Family-62

Welsh Family-63

July 10th, 2017|Family Shoots, Maternity Shoots|1 Comment

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  1. Sandy Clark August 3, 2017 at 11:42 am

    Absolutely beautiful photos

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