This gorgeous family recently visited South Africa from Dar es Salaam to attend a friend’s wedding. Their kids came along this time and they wanted to do family shoot while staying in Cape Town. The Mother City delivered the most perfect day on the only date that could work and we spent a glorious morning in Kirstenbosch Gardens. How adorable are these two kids? That little girl’s laughter is so contagious you just have to look at the photos to be affected! Just loved capturing their bold personalities. Enjoy!

Teweli Family-29

Teweli Family-28

Teweli Family-27

Teweli Family-22

Teweli Family-18

Teweli Family-17Teweli Family-16

Teweli Family-25

Teweli Family-24

Teweli Family-26

Teweli Family-23

Teweli Family-1

Teweli Family-2Teweli Family-3

Teweli Family-4

Teweli Family-5

Teweli Family-6

Teweli Family-7

Teweli Family-8

Teweli Family-9

Teweli Family-12

Teweli Family-11

Teweli Family-13

Teweli Family-14

Teweli Family-15

Teweli Family-34

Teweli Family-33

Teweli Family-30

Teweli Family-31

Teweli Family-32

Teweli Family-35

Teweli Family-36

Teweli Family-37

Teweli Family-38

Teweli Family-39

Teweli Family-40

Teweli Family-41

Teweli Family-42

Teweli Family-43

Teweli Family-44

Teweli Family-45

Teweli Family-55


Teweli Family-56


Teweli Family-47

Teweli Family-48

Teweli Family-50

Teweli Family-51

Teweli Family-52

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