This week Spasie welcomed chef Lapo Magni of The Drunken Tuscan into their kitchen. Lapo won Italy’s MasterChef competition, but luckily for us he has a deeply seated love for Cape Town, so we can enjoy his culinary masterpieces on a regular basis. This spirited, full blood Italian treated Spasie’s guests to a feast that started of with bruschetta topped with the most delicious chicken liver pate ( his mom’s recipe) followed by a “climaxing risotto” that delighted everyone! He made the risotto in a huge bowl, placed a bottle of champagne in the centre, poured in some sugar and voila, a “climaxing” risotto with true Itlaian flair! Next up was beef ragu made from cow’s cheek meat, a delicatessen that is unbelievably tender and tasty. Dinner ended on a high note with a decadent chocolate browny smothered in a berry compote and sprinkled with truffle oil. These dishes were perfectly paired with Morgenster’s fantastic wines and he also used either their award winning olive oil or tuffle oil in every dish. Absolute perfection.

Spasie - Lapo-1

Spasie - Lapo-2

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