Ncumisa and Bongani will be welcoming there first little baby boy into this world very soon. We spent a beautiful evening together on Gordon’s Bay beach to capture these last special moments of Ncumisa’s pregnancy as the sun was setting. Perfect!

Ncumisa Bongani-37

Ncumisa Bongani-22

Ncumisa Bongani-23

Ncumisa Bongani-26

Ncumisa Bongani-27

Ncumisa Bongani-31

Ncumisa Bongani-25

Ncumisa Bongani-36

Ncumisa Bongani-38

Ncumisa Bongani-30

Ncumisa Bongani-33

Ncumisa Bongani-19

Ncumisa Bongani-12

Ncumisa Bongani-16

Ncumisa Bongani-17

Ncumisa Bongani-15

Ncumisa Bongani-20

Ncumisa Bongani-1

Ncumisa Bongani-4

Ncumisa Bongani-6

Ncumisa Bongani-7

Ncumisa Bongani-8

Ncumisa Bongani-32

April 30th, 2015|Maternity Shoots|0 Comments

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