I have had the wonderful privilege of photographing this beautiful family a couple of times before and it was so great to meet their newest member, little Denni. She is two months old and just as cute as can be. Her facial expressions alone tells a story in itself! Her big sister Leah was fascinated with the clicking sound my camera made and I love how she mimicked me by pinching her fingers together each time I took a photo! She was very concerned, though, because to her it sounded like something was breaking inside and after each photo she said: “O oh, what happened?” Never a dull moment with kids around!

Leandra and Wian, thanks so much for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to capture these special moments in your life again. Enjoy the photos!

Denni Kriel-10

Denni Kriel-1

Denni Kriel-40

Denni Kriel-4

Denni Kriel-6

Denni Kriel-5

Denni Kriel-8

Denni Kriel-7

Denni Kriel-9

Denni Kriel-24

Denni Kriel-25

Denni Kriel-27

Denni Kriel-28

Denni Kriel-29

Denni Kriel-23

Denni Kriel-11

Denni Kriel-13

Denni Kriel-15

Denni Kriel-16

Denni Kriel-19

Denni Kriel-21

Denni Kriel-22

Denni Kriel-32

Denni Kriel-33

Denni Kriel-34

Denni Kriel-35

Denni Kriel-36

Denni Kriel-31