My mom grew up on a farm near George together with her two sisters and one brother. My great-grandfather built the second house at Haroldsbay (circa 1850) and that is where they went for all their holidays – even though it took my great-grandparents almost a week with ox and wagon to get there! As my cousins and I grew up we too splashed in the same pools, stayed in that same house, swam in the same crazy waves and had the same holiday romances as our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents before us. Needless to say, we all hold this special place very dear in our hearts. So when my oldest cousin decided to get married there, everyone was very excited about the mini-reunion!

Friday was the most perfect day at the beach you could possibly imagine. But Saturday was a different sory… There were rain, dark ominous clouds and gail force winds gusting up to 60km/h! But if that’s the weather on your wedding day, it simply becomes part of your unique story and you make the most of it. Even though it was freezing cold and the wind prevented us from setting foot anywhere near the beach, everyone was in high spirits and the fact that Heloïse’s vail got a life of its own made for many laughs and some great Kodak moments!

Heloïse really went to great lengths to incorporate as much as possible of the family history into her wedding. She got dressed in the old family house and looked absolutely gorgeous – at times she reminded me of Kate Winslet. The ceremony was held in the the tiny old Roman-Catholic Church right near the beach. Our uncle passed away when he was very young, but he went to a farm school on the way to Haroldsbay. Even though only the outside walls are still standing, Heloïse organised with the current land owner that we could take a few photos there as well. All and all this was a light-hearted and fun wedding underlined with that which ties our family to this picturesque beach town forever. It was such a blessing to be part of it! Zander and Heloïse, may the two of you have a wonderful married life together, filled with lots of happiness and love!