The day I went with Niall and Suzanne to De Uijlenes just outside Gansbaai it was pouring wet and the “aisle” in the enchanted forest was so drenched they had it covered with a make-shift bridge. This was also the weekend that Vergelegen Medi-Clinic in Somerset-West got flooded. So after doing a venue inspection in those conditions, we were prepared for the worst! On the morning of their wedding day it drizzled a little, but that was it, and after that the two of them were blessed with an absolutely perfect day! Everyone was so relaxed and had so much fun that it was just an absolute pleasure to photograph this wedding! There was so much love and special moments that I had a hard time choosing photos for the blog. I just loved how Suzannes dress and the décor all blended in with the theme and look of the venue. And the map on the inside of the groom and his best man’s waistcoats was just a brilliant way to illustrate this happy union between a South African girl and an Irish boy!

(I would just like to extend a special thanks to my dear husband who was once again a wonderful assistant, second shooter and support system. I couldn’t have done it without you!)

O'Keeffe Wedding-181

O'Keeffe Wedding-2O'Keeffe Wedding-3

O'Keeffe Wedding-8

O'Keeffe Wedding-9O'Keeffe Wedding-10

O'Keeffe Wedding-6O'Keeffe Wedding-7

O'Keeffe Wedding-215

O'Keeffe Wedding-12O'Keeffe Wedding-11

O'Keeffe Wedding-216

O'Keeffe Wedding-219

O'Keeffe Wedding-34

O'Keeffe Wedding-35O'Keeffe Wedding-36

O'Keeffe Wedding-217

O'Keeffe Wedding-50

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O'Keeffe Wedding-38O'Keeffe Wedding-41

O'Keeffe Wedding-46

O'Keeffe Wedding-54

O'Keeffe Wedding-49

O'Keeffe Wedding-55

O'Keeffe Wedding-56

O'Keeffe Wedding-59

O'Keeffe Wedding-57

O'Keeffe Wedding-64

O'Keeffe Wedding-65

O'Keeffe Wedding-69

O'Keeffe Wedding-68

O'Keeffe Wedding-71

O'Keeffe Wedding-75

O'Keeffe Wedding-76

O'Keeffe Wedding-77

O'Keeffe Wedding-80

O'Keeffe Wedding-78

O'Keeffe Wedding-84

O'Keeffe Wedding-4O'Keeffe Wedding-85

O'Keeffe Wedding-87O'Keeffe Wedding-86

O'Keeffe Wedding-88

O'Keeffe Wedding-92

O'Keeffe Wedding-93

O'Keeffe Wedding-101

O'Keeffe Wedding-98

O'Keeffe Wedding-104

O'Keeffe Wedding-97

O'Keeffe Wedding-110O'Keeffe Wedding-102

O'Keeffe Wedding-107

O'Keeffe Wedding-108

O'Keeffe Wedding-111

O'Keeffe Wedding-105

O'Keeffe Wedding-224

O'Keeffe Wedding-118

O'Keeffe Wedding-124

O'Keeffe Wedding-123

O'Keeffe Wedding-125

O'Keeffe Wedding-126

O'Keeffe Wedding-127

O'Keeffe Wedding-128

O'Keeffe Wedding-134

O'Keeffe Wedding-136

O'Keeffe Wedding-141

O'Keeffe Wedding-140

O'Keeffe Wedding-144

O'Keeffe Wedding-145

O'Keeffe Wedding-142

O'Keeffe Wedding-143

O'Keeffe Wedding-146

O'Keeffe Wedding-151O'Keeffe Wedding-150

O'Keeffe Wedding-153

O'Keeffe Wedding-159

O'Keeffe Wedding-165

O'Keeffe Wedding-166

O'Keeffe Wedding-160

O'Keeffe Wedding-158

O'Keeffe Wedding-163

O'Keeffe Wedding-155

O'Keeffe Wedding-156

O'Keeffe Wedding-149O'Keeffe Wedding-154

O'Keeffe Wedding-168

O'Keeffe Wedding-167

O'Keeffe Wedding-171

O'Keeffe Wedding-172

O'Keeffe Wedding-173

O'Keeffe Wedding-174

O'Keeffe Wedding-175

O'Keeffe Wedding-178

O'Keeffe Wedding-180

O'Keeffe Wedding-182

O'Keeffe Wedding-147

O'Keeffe Wedding-225

O'Keeffe Wedding-218

O'Keeffe Wedding-222

O'Keeffe Wedding-221

O'Keeffe Wedding-161

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