Didi has been one of my dearest friends since we met on our very first day of Unversity. As roommates we’ve often dreamed of one day when we are both married with children and how our lives would be then. Well, here we are. Our husbands like each other (that was a prerequisite for whom we could marry 😉 ) and it’s just an added bonus that our children are more or less the same age and they get along great as well! After three and a half years of being a professional photographer, I was so pleased when she finally asked me to take some family photos of them! She wanted a very relaxed, unpretentious, lifestyle shoot, mostly of the kids. I enjoyed the shoot so most, I could have done it all day. It felt like a play date with my best friend’s kids, and I loved every minute of it. Hope you do too.

De Kock-15

De Kock-16

De Kock-3

De Kock-8

De Kock-10

De Kock-11

De Kock-26De Kock-25

De Kock-29

De Kock-5

De Kock-32

De Kock-27

De Kock-21

De Kock-22

De Kock-33

De Kock-24De Kock-23

De Kock-7

De Kock-6

De Kock-4

De Kock-18

De Kock-20

De Kock-19

De Kock-37

De Kock-35De Kock-34

De Kock-40

De Kock-42

De Kock-41

De Kock-47

De Kock-44De Kock-43

De Kock-48

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