Caren needed some portrait shots for her CV, but decided to have some precious mother and daughter photos taken as well while she had me there. Little Catherine is too adorable for words with a great sense of humour. It is clear that these two have a very special bond and I’m sure they will treasure these special memories for time to come! Thanks so much for letting me capture these for you, I loved every minute of it!

Caren Lithgow-32

Caren Lithgow-31

Caren Lithgow-1

Caren Lithgow-2

Caren Lithgow-3

Caren Lithgow-12

Caren Lithgow-4

Caren Lithgow-5

Caren Lithgow-11

Caren Lithgow-10

Caren Lithgow-6

Caren Lithgow-7

Caren Lithgow-8

Caren Lithgow-9

Caren Lithgow-19

Caren Lithgow-18

Caren Lithgow-17

Caren Lithgow-16

Caren Lithgow-14

Caren Lithgow-13

Caren Lithgow-34

Caren Lithgow-33

Caren Lithgow-35Caren Lithgow-37

Caren Lithgow-36

And here’s a few of this beautiful mommy on her own 🙂

Caren Lithgow-28Caren Lithgow-27

Caren Lithgow-39

Caren Lithgow-23

Caren Lithgow-21

Caren Lithgow-22

Caren Lithgow-38

Caren Lithgow-26

Caren Lithgow-24Caren Lithgow-25

Caren Lithgow-20

Caren Lithgow-30

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