Kirsty’s Matric Farewell

When Kirsty first contacted me and told me she wanted photos taken for her matric farewell on their beautiful wine estate on the Helderberg mountain with spectacular views over Cape Town and the ocean I got very excited. But when the day finally came, it thankfully didn't rain, but everything was soaking wet and soggy. Definitely not the type of terrain you want a girl to trot in who's dressed to the nines (in very sexy shoes) and ready for her big night out! So we had to work with what we could, and I must say, I just love the dramatic look of the cloudy, misty skies in the photos. Even though we didn't even begin to exploit all the photographic potential their farm has to offer, the love that was present on Kirsty's special day and the lengths her family and friends went to to make it extra [...]